All the answers to your questions

What are the requirements for pictures?

Once is an application for users who are serious about dating. For this reason, we ask you to follow this logic and provide at least 2 high quality photos you and only you. Additional photographs may be added, but they must be verified by our team in order to preserve the quality if your profile

The following types of photos will be removed:

  • Blurry pictures
  • Pictures where you cannot be recognized
  • Pictures of children
  • Naked pictures
  • Animal pictures
  • Pictures with firearms and guns
  • Pictures with no clear relation to you or your hobbies

How do you pick the matches?

Matches offered in the application are chosen by our team of matchmakers. Our matchmakers focus on the active users of the application and use all available profile information from each user to provide the best matches possible.

One of the most important criteria is proximity. However, sometimes no one is available near your location or no one is active on a particular day. If this happens, don’t worry, as this is only temporary. As soon as a user becomes available, we will match you, assuming our matchmakers deem you compatible.

We sometimes choose to match you with someone far from you, rather than not matching you at all. While this may be surprising at first, we have received many long-distance success stories!

What are Once crowns?

Once provides one free match every day. In addition, you can use 3 premium features, payable with Once crowns.

The features are:

  • Select your own match for the following day, without him/her knowing about it
  • Send a message to the matches you are not connected to yet, and know when she/he read it
  • Get another match immediately with someone online

Each feature costs 1 crown. Crowns can be purchased through the application store of your mobile device.

How do I permanently delete my account instead of just deactivating it?

If you want to delete your account permanently, please send us an e-mail requesting permanent deletion. If you don’t report this directly from the app, please let us know your phone number, email, or Facebook email so that we can find your profile.

Our team will be happy to delete your account. Please know that all matches and all profile information will be lost.

Why did my messages/chats disappear?

If a message disappears, this means that the user has either deactivated their account or ended the conversation.

How can I change my location?

You can change your location by going to your profile, and tapping the pencil icon next to your current location.

When your location is updated it should not change, but if we notice you are away from your usual location for a while, we will ask you if you want to update to your current location.

How do I add or remove photos from my profile?

You can add or remove profile photos by tapping on the camera icon on your main photo.

Please remember that you need at least 2 validated pictures remain in consideration for a match.

I am trying to connect, but the app tells me that my phone number is already in use.

If you are being notified that the phone number is already in use, it is likely that you are trying to reconnect with a different method than the one you created your account with.

For example, if you opened an account with Facebook and are trying to log in with your e-mail instead, you will receive this error message. Please make sure you come back to the app with the exact method that you used when you signed up.

Please send us your e-mail and your phone number, or the email you connect to Facebook with at hello@getonce.com, so that we can sort out this problem out for you.

How can I edit my name?

We allow a one-time name change for your account, which must be done by our team. Please e-mail us provide us with the new name, and we will be happy to change it for you.

When will I receive my first match?

You will receive your first match at noon, but our matchmakers must first validate your profile information and photos.

Though this usually done rapidly, it may take up to 48 hours. If you haven’t received a match after this time, it is possible that there are not enough users in your immediate area yet.

How long does it take to verify my pictures?

Photo verification may take up to 48 hours, though this is usually completed much quicker.

Why have some my pictures been removed?

You can always add new pictures to your profile, but first, they must be verified by our team in order to preserve the quality of your profile.

We require your photos are in high resolution, show your face fully, and in at least 2 of them you must be displayed alone.

How does the “get another match” feature work?

The “get another match” feature will choose an instant match for you among all of the users that are online at that specific moment.

Please note that this match is not chosen by a matchmaker as it is impossible for our matchmakers to be online at all times.

Why are my matches so far away?

Once is rapidly growing, but still a fairly new product. There might not be many users in your area yet. If this is the case, we prefer to introduce you to people who are a bit further away instead of giving you no match at all. However, we are growing fast, so please expect more users in your area soon!

I don’t like my matches. How can I get better ones?

We’re very sorry to hear that you do not like your matches so far. Our matchmakers are working hard every day to find the perfect match for you! Sometimes this process can take a bit of time, as we pick future matches based on likes and passes.

This means the more frequently you use the app, the better our matchmakers will understand your taste. This will ultimately result in matches that are more compatible to your preferences.

We are also constantly working hard to improve our matching-process, so please be patient for a little longer - it will be worth it! :)

My matches don’t respond to my messages or seem to be inactive.

Our matchmakers always try to suggest active matches, who we define as users who log in daily.

However, there is unfortunately no way to know when active users will log in again.

How do I deactivate my account?

You can deactivate your account by clicking on ‘deactivate my account’ in your account settings.

When your account is deactivated you will be taken out of the matching process, but you can always reactivate it by logging in again.