Our vision

We all want to live one or more beautiful stories.
We all want to be surprised by a new date, to experience the emotion of the beginnings, to be moved by a great adventure.
At the beginning of each story there is a first date. So sometimes chance and luck do it right.
And sometimes we can decide to provoke them.

At Once we believe that applications are an opportunity to open up the field of possibilities.
We seek to know your tastes and desires.
This is how we select a person for you every day that you could enjoy meeting.

Because we are convinced that you deserve a great story

Our Campaign

The famous “swipe” applications created millions of stories that were too short, which could have been beautiful, but which generally ended as quickly as they started… The crazy swipers, the ghosters, copy-pasters, dickpics…

With its “Once upon a time” campaign, Once tackled the collateral damage of the swipe with humor.
And confirms: YES, you deserve BEAUTIFUL stories.