New study reveals top emojis used in United States on dating app

NEW YORK, Nov. 29, 2018Once, the slow dating app that selects one match a day at noon, recently conducted a study to find out the most used emojis in the United States on its platform. The results come from 80,000 users and examine 200,000 messages.

  • The most used emoji in messages is the crying laughing emoji, showcasing the playfulness of American daters

Crying laughter emoji

  • Aside from the crying laughing emoji, the blushing smiling emoji is used most in Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, and Mississippi, showing a more reserved and shy side of daters in these states

blush emoji

  • Utah uses the wink face emoji most out of any other state, making it the flirtiest state

wink emoji

“Emojis have become a core part of how society communicates, especially during the dating process,” says Jean Meyer, CEO of Once. “Emojis allow for daters to easily show how they are feeling. Emojis make communicating more fun and take some pressure off of first conversations between potentials partners.”

Once also discovered that the red heart emoji is used most often in Alaska, Nevada, and New Jersey, and the see-no-evil monkey emoji ranks top in New Hampshire, Tennessee, Arizona, and New Mexico. During the study Once found that in Florida, women are sending the first message to matches.

About Once

Launched in October 2015 (2016 in the UK and Ireland), Once is a slow dating app that focuses on quality over quantity by picking the perfect matches for you every day at noon. With more than seven million users in eight countries, and nine million dollars raised to date, Once is the clear leader of serious mobile dating. Because finding true love takes time, Once offers meaningful matches in a world of countless swipes.

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