Love is the time of social distancing. What will tomorrow's Dating look like?

The COVID-19 pandemic is a double crisis for singles.

Almost everywhere in the women’s and lifestyle media, the situation of singles is discussed (“Single and in quarantine”, “Social distancing as a single - how can you cope with it?”). Even if you sometimes have to smile, you are left behind thoughtfully: Start dating again or prefer to wait? Where do you meet? The bars are still closed, but a date in the café is possible. But then with a face mask or without a face mask? When and how do you ask your date about his or her corona status? 🙄

These considerations will keep singles busy for the next few weeks. But that’s not the real debate. Regardless of whether you were alone in quarantine or together with the acquaintance from before the exit restrictions, whether you had a corona romance or not - singles have known for two months that they will no longer meet in the same way as in the post-COVID-19 world.

Take time. Sort out. Declutter.

Exchange ideas at 1 p.m., before the bar is stormed at 6 p.m. and fall at 19.41 a.m. You drink a coffee, maybe take a sip of the other’s drink and prepare yourself internally for the next date. It’s 2019! The contact restrictions and closings of bars as well as the general mood will mean that singles will meet less, are less spontaneous and carefree. Frustrating? Do you miss opportunities? But you should see the glass half full. Although social distance persists (possibly in phases by the end of 2022, according to a Harvard study), singles naturally want to continue to meet. In times of crisis, love, closeness and the search for a partner are basic needs. Shortly after the need for a home, something to eat and toilet paper. This is the so-called Maslow pyramid, it is normal and healthy. Singles will inevitably be more selective - consciously or unconsciously. They’ll sort apps on their smartphones and skim the match lists and only physically hit those who are really “worth it”. As Louisa told me in my podcast recently, the quarantine was an opportunity for them to see what was really happening the important thing is: “I don’t want to waste time with people who are no longer worth it to me.”

Less pressure to perform

And above all, singles will take more time to get to know each other properly. Exchange online longer before meeting in person. You should take the time to be surprised, take the time to decide whether the other person could have a place in your life. The time of binge dating is over. 56 percent of the Once users1 surveyed by us stated that they would like to spend more time getting to know each other better online before a personal meeting takes place. Judith Duportail, author of the study Tinder & the algorithm, is happy about it: “No more meetings after two messages to get excited after the first beer and after a short time judge whether the other person really deserves a place in my life. This can mean that we finally get what it is essential for getting to know each other: meeting people slowly and calmly before they are classified as “booty call”, “boyfriend material” or “not good enough for me.” The end of the single-use date? Is this the return of courtly love - in a masked form?

Can you feel the wind changing? And in addition to the potential growth in quality (which still needs to be demonstrated), singles might relax a little if they took more time to date. It’s a performance-driven system that could be overturned: dating under the pressure of “having” someone. The social constraints and physical distance have the advantage that they may be able to relax a little and do not necessarily have to fulfill social obligations. Go out, keep up appearances, don’t miss a party). All singles who have already planned their weekends of the year with exciting activities, who have already started bridal bouquet catching for weddings and who have the perfect summer love for summer vacation - they may now have a little less pressure.

Reinvent online dating etiquette.

Some people said, the hook-up culture will die. Spoiler: Tinder is not dead. On the contrary, the company even communicated absolute record numbers of activities on its platform in April. You can trust Match Group, the giant parent company of Tinder, Meetic, Match, Say Tomorrow, Plenty of Fish, Hinge and about 150 other dating brands, when it comes to good ideas. In mid-March, for example, our dear friends of Tinder unlocked the “Passport” feature, with which users can select the city in which they would like to visit and thus meet users worldwide. Great idea? Oh no, I don’t think so. A Parisian user in quarantine says: “It seems as if the whole world has chosen Paris as the city of love for Tinder. So I spend my evenings chatting with Bulgarians or Uzbeks, that’s arbitrary. It’s not an easy time right now and I think it’s getting out of hand. ” Yesterday Tinder announced that it would continue the experiment and test the “global” mode. Apparently, a real meeting is no longer the goal? I’m confused. There is an urgent need to question and reinvent dating apps and their applications. Long swipes, an infinite selection of matches and superficial chats will not help singles find love in times of COVID-19. A third of singles are convinced that social distancing will radically change the way they encounter people. We responded to this and invented slow dating, where we select one match per day for users. We were also the first to introduce live video dating, which enables people to get to know each other without risk. And we have many more innovations in our pockets. I personally hope that in the current situation, you can have the moving conversations they deserve. My name is Clementine and I am the CEO of Once, the dating application that promotes slow dating.

About Once Launched in October 2015, Once is the inventor of slow-dating. Because you need the right conditions to create great stories, Once offers only 1 match per day to its user : every day at noon, you can find out who has been specially chosen for you on that day. So far the application has just over 9 million worldwide. Once is available for free on Google Play and App Store

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