10 Things You Need to Know About Slow Dating

Clémentine Lalande, co-founder of dating app Once, discusses the top 10 things you need to know about the latest dating trend - slow dating.

1. What is it? As opposed to speed dating and endless hours of swiping, slow dating is the new way to date. It refers to curated matches and is a quality over quantity approach. For example, at Once, our users receive one match per day, every day. They make the decision to speak with them if they like our suggestion, or simply wait another day.

2. It is better for your confidence Dating can tie in easily with a person’s self-esteem. You are putting yourself out there - your pictures, your personality, your conversation and essentially asking to be liked. Most dating apps match users who both swipe “yes” – but this can leave you feeling rejected over 50 times a day if guys don’t like you back. Slow dating is not as judgmental – the other person is taking the time to really consider you, rather than compare you to however many other women’s profiles they’ve just flicked through.

3. It can save you time
At first, most users are skeptical about not being able to connect with an unlimited amount of people online. However all the countless swiping really does waste hours of your time. With slow dating there’s less swiping and trawling on an app - nobody wants to get repetitive strain from looking for love! If you don’t like your match, move on and come back tomorrow – finding a partner shouldn’t consumer your life.

4. You’ll have better matches Curated matches can deliver better quality profiles, as apps like Once might actually understand what you like better than you do yourself. Once’s algorithm and machine-learning technology determines your “type” and preferences based on feedback, so is only suggesting suitable matches.

5. Conversation and chat is usually better The issue with most online dating sites is that your match will be speaking to many others at the same time. This can put pressure on you to stand out with your messages, and we’ve all seen the stories about copy and paste chat up lines – it doesn’t exactly make you feel special! Slow dating enables you to form a conversation with a handful of curated matches at once, as opposed to hundreds.

6. You’ll have more success If you’re talking to less people, it is much more likely that you will engage with someone on a more personal level. This will enable you to go on more dates and meet like-minded people that you can really connect with.

7. You’ll spot a spark Our latest research revealed that almost half of women (49%) have been let down with a lack of chemistry on a recent date. By having a decent conversation online beforehand, you will spot a potential spark or connection right away, as you have less to compare them to.

8. Slow dating apps can be safer At Once we are delighted to say we can now spot fake accounts and the ‘bad guys’. Women can leave reviews after a date on the guys’ profiles, so

you’ll spot which accounts are genuine, making the dating experience safer. You can spot those men that have their turn-off traits, by other women’s reviews and encourage a sense of female community. How many times have you been on a date with a guy who isn’t for you but is perfect for an outdoor-sy, country-loving friend?!

9. It can encourage you to consider men outside your “type” If you receive just one match a day, and are presented with someone who isn’t necessarily your type, it will naturally intrigue you – “why have I been suggested him?”. You’ll be likely to explore the profile and consider this match on more than a two second glance at a profile photo.

10. It will change your opinion of dating online Online dating has been given a bad name for not creating genuine connections and very quickly recognised as apps for sex or hook-ups. Slow dating will change that perception – you’ll realise that there are people out there using apps to find real relationships and looking for love.

If you fancy trying slow dating and seeing if it is for you, download Once for free today from the AppStore and Google Play. Visit www.getonce.com for more information.

About Once Launched in October 2015 (2016 in the UK), Once is a slow dating app that focuses on quality over quantity by picking the perfect matches for you every day at noon! With more than six million users in seven countries, and nine million dollars raised to date, Once is the clear leader of serious mobile dating in Europe. Because finding true love takes time, Once offers meaningful matches in a world of countless swipes.

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