The Once’s Code.

This code brings together our rules of good conduct, and have been written to ensure that each member of our community uses the application with respect for others, in a safe and responsible manner.

Take the time to discover your matches.

Do you want to increase your chances of having a good date? Avoid copy & paste pickup lines sent to multiple conversations. Take the time to discover your future date: be interested, read the profile, write a personalized message, ask questions to discover your common points, give compliments. But stay reasonable: no need to do too much and it is important to keep a respectful approach (nobody wants to receive a 🍆 with no consent 😉)

Take the time to talk about yourself.

Feel free to show yourself in the best light. Stay true, sincere and honest: this is the basis of a great story. Avoid lying about yourself, the truth always ends up being known and nobody likes to be fooled 🙅‍♂

Be kind and respectful.

The Once community is proud of the plurality of its beliefs, tastes and cultures. Respect is a mandatory value when you use the app (and even when you don’t use it 😛). All hate speech, outrageous behavior, insults, intimidation, hostilities and contempt for others are completely unwelcome and prohibited. You must behave with respect and kindness (like in real life 🙂) A reporting system is integrated into the application to encourage our users to report this kind of behavior.

No need to send a ton of messages to the same person when they don’t answer you (stay courteous), it takes two persons to make a great story. No spam either. In addition, Once is not a sales platform. If you try to use the app for sales, you will be excluded from our community and the app.

Only use photos and videos that belong to you.

You must not publish photos and videos for which you do not own the rights. Do not use any photos where you do not appear. Don’t pretend to be someone else. Identity theft and non-respect of copyright are punishable by fines and prison terms in France. We have always stood to respect privacy and to offer quality profiles to our users, this is why we have a very developed moderation system (do not play with fire 🔥)

To learn more about our policies, including photos and shared content, please see our Terms and Conditions..

Failure to comply with these rules of good conduct will result in a warning from our team (unless we decide to exclude you without notice and in our sole discretion). Failure to follow our rules can cause you to lose access to the application and your entire profile. The goal is to provide a good experience for our users and to provide our community with a safe and enjoyable application.