6 white lies we are all guilty of telling online

Dating apps allow us to bend certain truths. Sometimes a little fib stemming from insecurity or nervousness can be totally relatable, maybe even endearing. The following are some of the more common examples of when hopeful singles might play fast and loose with the facts…

What’s in a name?

In your dating profile, a name change can do wonders for your image; or rather self-image. The transformation needn’t be as dramatic as Norma-Jean to Marilyn, but a simple abbreviation has saved many an Archibald rejection on the grounds of being s posh fuddy-duddy… and possibly hairless? Well, fair play to all you ‘Archies’ out there. After all, what’s in a syllable?

The age-old question

It’s fascinating how the adrenaline of new-found romance can affect one’s mathematical capability. Honestly, one woman forgets a few oh-so-unmemorable birthdays and accidentally claims to still be in her twenties - oops! One guy just finds it easier to round up to thirty when chatting to a charming, slightly older lady, than to give the rudely uneven figure of twenty-three. Ah well, as long as you can find the house with the right number on the door, you’ll do fine on the big night.

Occupational hazards

Maybe it’s because your specific job title is just too esoteric to tell them directly, or because it prevents you saying ‘I get by selling menstrual cups’, but a great many lonely hearts out there are describing themselves as ‘project managers’; the biggest catch-all in the world. If your eligible bachelor vaguely says he does spreadsheets all day for a living, be wary – he may be a cut-throat banker.

Address the matter in hand

In that first, fateful conversation, it’s all about the connection; the excitement, the passion! So it’s best not to get bogged down in the details, like exact address for example. If you live in Woking, South London will do. If you live within an hour’s radius of Brighton, you’re a typical Brighton beach bum.

Hobby goblins

The number one single person’s pastime is sport – the more extreme the better, and you can be active and desirable too. Remember that yoga class you went to once in the new year? And what about when you had a go at surfing for twenty minutes on holiday this Summer? Let’s face it, you’re basically ready to join the cast of an Australian soap opera. Let’s just hope that visitors to your dating profile aren’t too intimidated by your physical prowess.

Musical Tastes

You would sooner die than confess your secret passion for Susan Boyle. So when your date asks what kind of music you listen to, you’ll just answer “Oh, a bit of everything…” They’ll see the real you soon enough though, when after a couple of glasses of wine at your place, you’ll well up over her moving version of “I dreamed a dream”. You never know – maybe your date is a fan too…

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