Just how late is your date?

Arriving late to a first date (or second, or third for that matter) is a no-no. But while you’re compulsively checking your phone, watching the minutes pass by, consult this short guide to help you judge the severity of their misdemeanour…

5 minutes late

Maybe the restaurant was a bit hard to find. Or maybe they are super nervous, pacing up and down the street outside, heart pounding while they decide on the most suitable way to greet you. If so, you must forgive such a tender soul. Alternatively, you could have a master manipulator on your hands… rather than arrive on the dot and risk looking like they have nothing better to do, they loiter around the corner for four minutes and thirty seconds, only to dash in with a charming apology. The result is that you’ll feel like you’re special that they made it across town just for you, what with their full and interesting schedule!

15 minutes late

They probably just got stuck in an unexpected phone call with an elderly relative. On the other hand, there are some people in this world for whom a minute can last a little longer than sixty seconds, and a few moments become a quarter of an hour very easily. They are usually creative sorts, and for them there are more important things to focus on than the arbitrary notion of punctuality. Some more anal personalities, the Monica Gellers among us, are allergic to this type of flaky behaviour, but if you can share in their optimistic attitude and offer them leniency when it comes to time-keeping, you can expect a delightfully easy-going companion in return.

25 minutes late

It’s really not cool to leave you looking like a loner while they cut their toenails in front of the telly, watching the hands on the clock move around. But while you’re ordering that second nervous drink, don’t jump to harsh conclusions to soon. After all, twenty-five minutes isn’t so long where public transport delays and hectic workplaces are concerned; so what if your date is late because they were held up saving a baby from a burning building? It’s all in the way they make up for the delay: did they send you a courteous message letting you know they were running late? Did they arrive puffed out and apologising profusely? Or did they stroll in nonchalantly, and are they now giving you too little eye contact? The question you really want to have answered is whether they were worth waiting for, and if they were, you will know soon enough.

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