Finding love with the law of attraction…how does it work?

What if to find love: the true, undying love we’re all we’re all waiting for, all you had to do was believe strongly and think positively? Céline Colle, author of Finding Love Without Looking for it, an enquiry into the law of attraction and its results, lets us in on how we can use the law of attraction to make our romantic dreams come true.

“The principle of the law of attraction, also know as the power of intention, tells us that we can find everything we wish for in life, absolutely everything, thanks to the power of our thoughts and our emotions”, begins Céline Colle, author of Finding Love Without Looking for it. In effect, our thoughts can shape our lives. If, for example, you are looking for love, but keep repeating to yourself that it will never happen, because you aren’t funny enough, or you are too busy, your behaviour will be such that you will be even less funny and even busier. You get the idea; our behaviour is influenced by our way of thinking, and therefore our projections are just as important as anything else when directing ourselves towards a romantic future.

How does the law of attraction work?

“How can the universe deliver you what you wish for, if you don’t ask it to? In love, it is necessary to ask for the kind of person you wish to attract, and be precise”, explains Colle. The idea is to ask the universe clearly for what you’re searching for. But be careful; visualising a blonde, romantic man is too vague. You could meet a romantic, blonde man, but maybe he will also be bald, and a terrible cheapskate! Make sure your wish list is as exhaustive as possible, and that every desired quality on your list is thought through. For example, of course you would love to meet a faithful man, but what exactly does faithfulness actually mean for you?

Dream it, project it, live it

“So that the frequencies you project actually shape your reality as you dream it, it’s also necessary to experience the emotions you associate with that reality”, explains the law of attraction guru. You have to daydream like you did when you were fifteen. Visualise the encounter, visualise the person, and why not the place, the words exchanged, even the taste of the kiss. These images, formed by your desires, will generate positive feelings in you. These emotions will in turn boost your energy and allow the universe to hear you better. It’s not that the universe is picky about who it hears, but it can tell how much we believe in our dream, and the more we are committed we are, the more likely a good result.

Write a letter to the universe

To maximise the chances of finding love, propose your request in writing. Writing a letter to the universe which sets the scene of your dreamed encounter in detail will lead you to it more easily. But even more importantly, verbalising your desire in this way will help you to have greater clarity and specificity. This exercise will leave you feeling great, and a step closer to your goal. Don’t put pressure on yourself though, and there’s not one right way to do it. You can adopt a literary style, or simply make a list. “Then, hide the letter in a secret and symbolic place”, Colle tells us. Why not in your diary, a well-loved book, or a box of precious things…

Mistakes to avoid

Naturally, so that the law of attraction can prove its worth, there are a few things to avoid. First and foremost, make sure you don’t consciously search for romance. Just because you asked the universe for a vegan brunette doesn’t mean you now have to use dating apps to meet ten million vegan brunettes. It’s best to get on with your life as usual and give the universe all the space it needs to surprise and reward you. Secondly, don’t force anyone to fall in love with you, and don’t force yourself to fall in love either. “When we discover the power of attraction and we already have our heart set on somebody, it is tempting to enter that person into our visualisations, to add them to our request to the universe”, states Colle. Well, it just doesn’t work like that. If a person is not the one, it’s useless to insist that they are. The law of attraction will deliver at the perfect moment, and when it does you will feel it, so there’s no need to be impatient. Now try it for yourself!