Love alert – it’s cuffing season!

Many people decide to start a relationship (or at least make every effort to start a relationship) when the cold weather begins. These people practice what is called ‘cuffing’.

In other words, they cling on to someone to keep them company over the winter, after all, evidence suggests that it’s much more agreeable to be a couple under the covers, rather than freezing your butt off by yourself.

Night is falling early, temperatures have plummeted brutally… and with the cold comes the need for comfort. Could autumn be the season of love? Some people throw themselves into a relationship to avoid being depressed during the long winter months. This is known as cuffing. Cuffing, no matter what you might think of it, can be sometimes reckless. But who knows, maybe it’s not the worst way of finding love.

Should you get on board?

To the essay title ‘Is it necessary to get on board with cuffing to catch yourself a hot date?’ there are no right or wrong answers. From a cosiness point of view, cuffing is a great idea - checking out Netflix together from under the duvet, what could be better? And making love keeps you warm, how dreamy. But it’s dreamy only on the condition, and yes there’s always a condition, that you are on the same page as your partner. Enjoying someone’s company for one season and then throwing them away at the feel of the first ray of sun? There are higher levels of respect. So if you are definitely up for some cuffing, simply looking for those three weeks of goose bumps, make it clear from the start that you aren’t looking for something long-term. Conversely, the cold weather can act as a springboard for those who struggle to meet people because they don’t get out much, or they stop renewing their subscription to Once.

Learning to spot cuffing

When you become aware of the thriving practice of cuffing, you may begin to see autumn, winter and the dating game, in a different light…what if everyone you meet online, at work, or out on the town, is simply looking for a human hot water bottle? There are a few signs that your lover may be a cuffer, including absenteeism, no signs of commitment, or failing to introduce you to their friends. Maybe they are someone who is only good for squatting: on your bed, your body and your Netflix account. If you feel your winter squeeze has gone chilly, it’s probably best to move forward. But it’s no good falling to paranoia: not everyone in the world wants a marriage that’s just for Christmas. So trust to fate and a love that’s evergreen is sure to come your way.

How to spend the spring?

A good cuffing relationship begins with kisses in woolly hats and Sundays spent cuddling in bed. But what about when spring comes around? Naturally, you’ll want to give your budding relationship a chance, but don’t anger the gods of cuffing by asking for too much. You may be learning to see each other outside the house, since temperatures are more bearable now. Propose some good weather activities, maybe a weekend away, and judge how your partner reacts. If they seem excited, you may have yourself a keeper! If they make a lame excuse, take the hint and spare your feelings. There’s always next year!

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