Once is tackling the number 1 challenge of the industry:
deceptive profiles.

Deceptive pictures, misleading profile info, or just disrespectful or inappropriate behaviours, online dating can be and is often a disappointing journey. And it shouldn’t.

At Once, we want online dating to be safe, transparent, and a pleasant, fun journey. Our mission is to ensure that dating will never be a disappointing experience anymore. We decided to create a tool, so you can tell your opinion. And share it.

Women can rate their date. Men and women can tell if the pictures reflect reality.

Once gives women control

We want to help women feel safer dating online and to encourage male users to behave more appropriately. . Creeps won’t be allowed on Once, they can go on the other dating apps if they want to. If some men using Once feel put off by women rating them, they’re probably not the kind of men we want to be on Once.

#fakeisdead : Solving the #1 Industry issue

Once is now offering a solution to the main problems of the industry: Catfishing & Safety. No more lies, no more fakes, no more 10 years old photoshopped pictures. The dating industry needs to be finally able to offer some type of post-dating service.

The Tripadvisor of the rating industry

Are we leading to a “black mirror”-like future? Maybe. Rating and feedbacks are everywhere. You can rate of course a taxi, a meal, a book, a service but also experiences or moments of your life. And yet nothing is done in the dating industry to make sure users are prevented to be toxic. Rating gives an alternative to only user pictures for decision making. A pleasant review can promote men with less attractive pictures. Of course, each comment will be reviewed by humans before being published under user’s profiles to avoid personal attacks. Comments needs to be fact-based otherwise won’t be published. Men are asked to confirm they went on a date with the person.

Can technology fix a societal problem? Can dating apps teach men to be better? Of course, it can. And it’s starting to. There are apps in Egypt (i.e. Harassmap) that help fight sexual harassment and sexual aggression. Shame and fear need to switch side. It’s all about communications and spreading the word as fast as possible about who is behaving and who is not. And if there is one thing that technology is good at… It’s helping people communicate.

Start rating now!

The reviews are anonymized and are moderated to avoid unwarranted or unreasonable criticism. Only the three most recent reviews will be visible on a man’s profile, and the man will be asked to verify whether he went on a date or not before a review can be posted, to avoid false assessments.>Focus on the date’s behavior rather than looks

Once wishes to place an emphasis on rating the date’s behaviour and the overall experience, rather than looks.

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What is the “Rate Your Date”-feature?

The new feature called “Rate Your Date” enables this new dating experience. Users will be able to give real life feedback about their dates - about chats, photos and their dates in real life. So, our users can be sure that details from online profiles and photos are the same in real life, they also get a rough idea of past dates. And we want to ensure the authenticity of our members profiles and encourage positive behaviors. Everything will be monitored and approved before being published, to avoid negative and unnecessary comments.

What kind of reviews are possible?

Three different aspects can be reviewed on our app: Photos, conversations and dates in real life. Photos and conversations can only be reviewed by predetermined answers, the dates in real life by short reviews. This is not about any physical appearance or looks. User should benefit from reviews of the overall experience of the date and the behavior. In detail: The review of photos is the comparison of the “online profile photo vs photo in real life” which can only be done by three predetermined answers; the chat reviews are about “Do you like the conversation” with a simple “Yes” or “No” answer and the reviews about the date in real life should reflect the made experience.

Are men and women equally able to do the reviews?

In this “man’s world”, we feel that women need more tools to gain confidence to date who they want and feel safe about it. So, our rating system is defined by the gender. Women will be able to do reviews on chats, photos and dates in real life. Men will be able to do reviews on photos only.

Are you the only / first dating app with this feature?

date and behavior and not any physical appearance or looks. Negative reviews as on Lulu will not be approved by our team and not be published.

Is there any opportunity for the users to react on reviews?

Users won’t be able to react on reviews they have been receiving but every review will go through moderation before being published on the profile to avoid mean or offending criticism or any unnecessary comments.

How can you identify fake reviews?

We can identify fake reviews. One example: A woman writes a review about a man who she met in real life. Before our team get the review for a check and approval, the man has to confirm that they have really been on a date. So, fakes are almost impossible.

How is it possible to know when somebody has been on a date?

We are using a machine learning algorithm called NLP (natural language processing) which gives the ability to a system to understand the human language thanks to artificial intelligence. The system will be able to detect different elements such as wording, numbers of messages exchanged, for how long 2 users have been talking, etc… It will also be able to recognize if a rendez-vous is being schedule by identifying a date, a location, a phone number… For example, the software Siri created by Apple is also using NLP.

Are reviews of chats, photos and dates not very subjective?

Feeling might get hurt with a negative review? All reviews will be reviewed and approved by a member of staff before being published. Negative reviews like reviews about the look or physical appearance will not be allowed and not be approved. Also, mean or offending reviews will not be allowed. That would not be in out interest. We would like to offer our users reviews by other users, which are objective and helpful. The review of photos is the comparison of the “online profile photo vs photo in real life” which can only be done by three predetermined answers; the chat reviews are about “Do you like the conversation” with a simple “Yes” or “No” answer and the reviews about the date in real life should reflect the made experience.